Saturday, March 25, 2017

Welcome to My New Blog

Greetings! I'm not a stranger to the internet, as I have a presence as a pro-life writer. However, I also enjoy watching and talking about movies. Science fiction is usually my genre of choice. Science fiction is usually the best genre to explore themes that I have an interest in, such as what makes us human and questions related to personal identity. As such, science fiction movies will be the ones I usually review, though I may branch out into other genres, as well. I especially intend to review a movie as soon as I see it in the theaters, but I will also review older movies. I would appreciate feedback, and would especially like to hear if you disagree with my take on a movie.

I hope you find the reviews informational. I don't do spoiler-free reviews, so all of my reviews will include spoilers. I will always include a spoiler warning at the top of the review.

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